Become an Auctioneer

Thank you for contacting the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association
regarding the profession of auctioneering in Pennsylvania

In order to become a licensed auctioneer in Pennsylvania,
there are several avenues available:

1. Attend and graduate from one of the three approved auction schools in PA:

Harrisburg Area Community College (HACC) – 717-780-2327 (,

Reading Area Community College (RACC) – Approved Auction Curriculum
Auction Program Coordinator РDr. Robert Vaughn; 610-372-6232;

Clarion University, Venango College ( ) – 814-393-1273 and ask for Tammy Beach

and then pass the state auction exam; or:

2. Apprentice with another PA-licensed auctioneer for 2 years and conduct 30 auctions and then pass the state auction exam.

In each case, you will eventually need to contact the State Board of Auctioneer Examiners in Harrisburg at (717) 783-3397 to request the necessary paperwork or download the forms from their website listed below. This board regulates and licenses all auctioneers in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

The State Board of Auctioneer Examiners is located at

For information regarding the auction licensing exam, go to This is the agency which administers the auction test in Pennsylvania. You can find the document necessary to record the 30 sales you need to conduct as an apprentice at this site, as well.

For information regarding obtaining a study guide and preparing for the PA auctioneer license exam, please contact Charlene A. Caple, GPPA, at (717) 632-8494.

You can also contact the National Auctioneers Association at for general information on becoming an auctioneer or call them at 1-888-541-8084.

Once you get your auctioneer license, we would hope you would contact us again to become a member of the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association. Good luck!

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State Board of Auctioneer Examiners Web Site
(includes the entire Auction Law, Board Members, Board Forms, and more)