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Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association Holds Successful 66th Annual Conference & Show

Nearly three hundred auctioneers, apprentices, auction students, support personnel, vendors, presenters, and guests attended and participated in the 66th annual conference and trade show of the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association, January 8-10, 2014, at the Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey.

2013 PAA President Matthew S. Hurley, CAI, AARE of Greencastle, Franklin County, described the 3-day event as a huge success and all who attended the event left with valuable ideas and new information to guide them in their businesses. With the help of the new PAA Administrator, Kimberly K. Hemingway, GG, the association implemented a new online registration process, which worked with ease from pre-event registration through the organization of attendance throughout the event.

2014 PAA Conference Chair Mark L. Ferry of Latrobe, Westmoreland County, noted that this 66th annual conference was dedicated to those who had the vision and insight to make the auction industry truly professional through education and networking. Appealing to a wide variety of auctioneers, the events and seminars of the conference included fellowship, food, fun, networking, also presentations by the PA Game Commission, the ATF regarding the sale of firearms at auction, seminars regarding such subjects as technology, auction law, real estate, the American art market, postcards, medals, fishing and hunting collectibles, appraisals, Native American art, and glass cutting.

Conference participants had a choice of seventeen educational seminars during the course of the event that will allow them to better serve their buyers and sellers. A total of 14.5 accredited continuing education units were available to auctioneers to maintain advanced auctioneer certifications or auctioneer licenses held in other states requiring education.

Gov. Tom Corbett

The PAA had a special guest this year with a visit from Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Corbett. On Thursday evening, January 9th, Governor Corbett spoke to the attendees of the conference, enjoyed time at the Fun Auction, spoke with individual members, and spent time with the leadership of the PAA.

Several Pennsylvania auctioneers came up winners during the event. Patrick K. Morgan of New Holland, Lancaster County, garnered the prestigious “Pennsylvania Auctioneer Champion” on January 8 at the Pennsylvania State Farm Show, the largest indoor agricultural exhibition in the nation. He competed against 26 other auctioneers in a competition to be the best bid caller and auctioneer in the state as well as for the top prize of cash, a prestigious silver trophy and paid registration to the International Auctioneer Championship set for July 2014 in Louisville, Kentucky.

Runner-up: Daniel Reeder - Champion: Patrick Morgan - Rookie Champion: Jacob Yoder

The runner-up in this competition was Daniel Reeder, GPPA of Beaver Falls, Beaver County. The PAA also named a “Rookie Auctioneer Champion,” an individual who has been licensed as an auctioneer less than 2 years. This honor was bestowed on Jacob T. Yoder of Mifflintown, Juniata County. The auctioneers were judged by a panel of eight judges on their bid calling ability, overall presentation, speech, appearance, and salesmanship. The judging panel implemented brand new judging software which was created especially for the PAA by Montgomery County specialist, Alan Impink. The software, “SOLD”, tallied the judge’s scores with accuracy and speed. A majority of the proceeds from the contest and benefit auction went to the Farm Show Scholarship Fund to support students entering the agricultural field. Michael S. Miller and members of the Central Chapter of the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association spent an entire year planning and carrying out a most exciting auction contest. The MC for the evening was Central Chapter member and 2012 Auctioneer Champion, Jonathan S. Hummer.

An annual Fun Auction organized by Kim Williams and members of the PAA Northeast Chapter was held on Thursday evening, January 10th, where auctioneers and guests bid on classified advertising, trips, services, antiques, and other items. This event helps offset the overall cost of the conference which, in turn, provides quality education for all licensed
auctioneers in the Commonwealth. Since the auction industry is a consumer-driven industry, PAA members always strive to improve their services to the public.

Auctioneer of the Year, Kevin D. Smith

The recipient of the prestigious award of 2014 Auctioneer of the Year was awarded to Kevin D. Smith of Allentown, Lehigh County. The nominations for this award are chosen by auctioneers in his/her area and the winner is selected by his/her state-wide peers. Kevin D. Smith has shown excellent leadership, high ethical standards, willingness to share with others, participation in community affairs, and outstanding contributions to the PAA and the auction profession in 2013.

Likewise, two auctioneers were inducted into the

Hall of Fame Inductees: Olen R. Knecht (left) & Ralph J. Lesh, Jr.

Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame. This award is given to individuals based on integrity, honesty, high moral character, acute fairness, and distinction, and is bestowed on auctioneers each year who, over the course of his or her profession, has committed him or herself to fostering excellence in the auction industry. The award winners were Olen R. Knecht of Orangeville, Columbia County and Ralph J. Lesh, Jr, CAI of Newport, Perry County.

Eighteen auctioneers and auction companies garnered awards in the traditional first-place categories in the PAA Advertising/Marketing Contest, including Hurley Auctions; Stanley & Son, Inc.; Barry S. Slosberg; Hostetter Auctioneers; Fortna Auctioneers; Sanford Alderfer Auction Co.; Martin Auctioneers, Inc.; and Cordier Auctions & Appraisals. Judged and chosen by all auctioneers in attendance was “Auctioneer’s Choice”. The winner of this award was Martin Auctioneers, Inc. of New Holland, Lancaster County. “Best of Show”, strictly a judges’ award, was bestowed on Cordier Auctions & Appraisals of Harrisburg, Dauphin County.

Officers for the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association for 2014 include; Mark L. Ferry, President, Latrobe, Westmoreland County; Patrick K. Morgan, President-Elect, of New Holland, Lancaster County; Bill Anderson, Jr. of Harrison City, Westmoreland County; and Robert A. Ensminger, Treasurer, Harrisburg, Dauphin County. Matthew S. Hurley, President, of Greencastle, Franklin County, as PAA President in 2013, will serve one more year on the PAA.