PAA Annual Conference

Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association
Holds Successful 69th Annual Conference & Show

Auctioneers, apprentices, auction students, support personnel, vendors, presenters, and guests flocked to the 69th annual conference and trade show of the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association on January 10 through January 13, 2017, at the Sheraton Harrisburg-Hershey.

“The 3+ day event was a huge success” says 2016 PAA President Bill Anderson Jr. He stated that “it is impossible to go away from the PAA Conferences without taking away some sort of valuable business knowledge. It’s always a great pleasure to have many first-time attendees as well as all those that were repeat attendees, all taking the opportunity to enhance and build their auction business and knowledge. Our vendors brought the best technology, tools, equipment, and marketing available in today’s advanced and competitive market place.”

Conference participants had many educational seminar choices during the course of the event. Continuing education units were available to auctioneers to maintain advanced auctioneer certifications or auctioneer licenses held in other states requiring education.

Several Pennsylvania auctioneers stood out from the rest and came out winners during the event. On January 11th hundreds gathered at the Pennsylvania Farm Show to watch and buy at the 2017 PA Auctioneer Competition and it was again a huge success. Daniel Reeder of Beaver Falls won the title of Champion Auctioneer.

The runner-up in this competition was Josh Mayhugh. The judges also named a “Rookie Auctioneer Champion,” an individual who has been licensed as an auctioneer less than 2 years, to Joel Gavaletz.  The auctioneers were judged by a panel of eight judges on their bid calling ability, overall presentation, speech, appearance, and salesmanship. For the fourth year, the judging panel implemented judging software which was created especially for the PAA by Championship Scoring, a Montgomery County based company owned and operated by Alan Impink.  A portion of the proceeds from the contest and benefit auction went to the Farm Show Scholarship Fund to support students entering the agricultural field.  Members of the Central Chapter of the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association, chaired by Harry Bachman, spent an entire year planning and carrying out a most exciting auction contest.

An annual Fun Auction, organized by members of the Southeast Chapter, was held on Thursday evening, January 12th at the Sheraton, where auctioneers and guests bid on classified advertising, trips, services, antiques, and other items. This event helped to offset the overall cost of the conference which, in turn, provides quality education for all licensed auctioneers in the Commonwealth.

The recipient of the prestigious award of 2016 Auctioneer of the Year was awarded to Beth Hillmar. The nominations for this award are chosen by auctioneers in his/her area and the winner is selected by his/her state-wide peers.

Likewise, two auctioneers were inducted into the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association Hall of Fame. This award is given to individuals based on integrity, honesty, high moral character, acute fairness, and distinction, and is bestowed on auctioneers each year who, over the course of his or her profession, has committed him or herself to fostering excellence in the auction industry. The award winners were Michael Charnego and Gordon Kinzinger.

Ten auctioneers and/or auction companies garnered awards in the traditional first-place categories in the PAA Advertising/Marketing Contest, including Hurley Auction Co., Barry S. Slossberg Inc., Hostetter Auctioneers, Ken Geyer Reals Estate Auctioneers, Pook & Pook, Fortna Auctioneers, Cordier Auctions and Appraisals, Alderfer’s Auctioneers and Appraisals and Shamrock Auction Services.  Judged and chosen by all auctioneers in attendance was “Auctioneer’s Choice” award.  The winner of this award was Hostetter Auctioneers. while the “Best of Show“, strictly a judges’ award, and was bestowed on Fortna Auctioneers and Marketing Group.

Officers for the Pennsylvania Auctioneers Association for 2016 include: Kim Williams President, Bloomsburg; Tim Keller, President-Elect, of Lancaster;  Jeffrey Pennington, Vice President, New Castle; and Robert A. Ensminger, Treasurer, Harrisburg. Bill Anderson Jr.  of Harrison City will serve one more year on the PAA Board of Directors as Immediate Past President.  Kimberly K. Hemingway of Boyertown is the PAA Administrator.

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Mark your Calendar for the 2018 PAA Conference:
January 9-12th